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Who We Were

Broadway Spirits started as the dream of its owner Megha Duggal, who wanted to create a wine and spirits retail experience she hadn't seen in other stores. Coming from a retail background, Megha always had an eye for detail in retail management, a perspective she refined at Fordham's business school and a special program in Milan. After helping her father open a number of new businesses, she set out to build her own. With her keen business sensibility, Megha spied a disconnect in the wine retail market between retailers and their customers. This gap is where Broadway Spirits was born.

To the uninitiated, New York City can be a cold, intimidating place. Tourists and newcomers are guided through the city by a carefully curated collection of signs and landmarks. This attention to detail in navigation formed the basis for Broadway Spirits' brand. Streen signs and subway placards adorn the walls and digital portal for the store, guiding customers through a familiar environment. Megha sought to make Broadway Spirits a "cool, welcoming, and engaging" retail experience, utilizing the 'spaces' of Broadway and the Brooklyn Bridge as the perfect entryway for a New York-themed store.

That is how Broadway Spirits began: appealing to entry-level consumers and connoisseurs, alike. A store that doesn't dictate the customer experience, but rather embraces who they are. A store that carried your college favorites but, also had something you "tried once at that cool NYC restaurant."

"I really wanted to create the kind of store that I would want to visit. It sounds crazy to say that didn't exist but, I always felt a lot of stores were telling me what to buy and dictating my purchase."

Who We Are

In 2019, Broadway Spirits was awarded "Top 100 Store" along with with Sherry Lehmen on Park Avenue. They were the only two stores chosen in New York City. After only 5 years in business, Broadway Spirits was associated with a store established 85 years ago.

"It was pretty cool."

The key to that success has been collaboration; internally and externally. A full-time sommelier on staff ensures the quality of wine and spirits, while Megha focuses on industry trends, branding, and customer appeal. This collaboration has increased the likelihood of a successful product performance at Broadway Spirits. We also partner with brands, giving each the breathing room to promote their products in a manner more befitting their appeal to their target consumers, as well as cross-pollinating established audiences for marketing campaigns.

The store itself hasn't changed much in 5 years. It has only grown in presence. A focus on efficiency, service, and exposure has allowed us to get better and better over time.

"I strive every year to do things better than the year before as I only compete with myself."

Where We're Going

The future of Broadway Spirits rests with our brand partners. Broadway Spirits should be a place for brands to have their voices heard. Gone are the days of package industries. This is the era of consumer agency and Broadway Spirits is evolving with the times. We are expanding our ecommerce website, app, and in-store experiences. Similar to where we started, we are adopting the digital presence of companies like Sephora or Bloomingdales, where customers are provided with information and targeted marketing. We provide the full experience of everything from gift sets, educational classes, winemaker appearances and signings, limited edition products, Sommelier picks, and more!

We are also developing the relationships we have with brands and producers, giving you a place to have your voice heard in a crowded marketplace. We want your brand to shine. This includes collaborative digital marketing campaigns, creative in-store POS, and elevated product demos that bring more personality to the experience; ultimately leading to a better consumer experience and brand recall. We have already successfully worked with brands like Veuve Clicquot and JAJA Tequila to create uniquely integrated digital and physical experiences that our collective customers have responded to in a very positive way.

Check out some of our collaborations:

What We Can Do For You

  • Largest delivery footprint in Downtown
  • Expanding digital marketing presence
  • Shipping across New York State
  • Owner insight into market trends
  • 10,000 sqft of retail space to showcase your products
  • Upstairs private event space

What You Can Do For Us

  • Meet with Megha
  • Follow us on social media
  • Repost our exposures on social media
  • Ensure your products are on delivery services
  • Creative, eye-catching POS
  • Digital assets

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