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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions Broadway Spirits has heard from its users. If you have a question or would like to tell us about a great bottle of wine, please Contact Broadway Spirits, we're interested in hearing from you.
Q. Do you sell beer/mixers/ice?
A. New York state law limits our products to wine and spirits. We do sell mixers that contain alcohol, such as margarita mix. We do not carry sodas, plain seltzer, or other non-alcoholic products.
Q. What do I need in order to receive my delivery?
A. All customers must show a valid photo ID showing proof of age (over 21 years old).

If the delivery is a gift where the cardholder is unavailable to sign, the gift recipient must show valid proof of age (over 21 years old).

Q. What is your return policy?
A. Due to the nature of our inventory, all sales are final. However, we do make an exception to this policy for wine that has gone bad prior to purchase.

In order to be refunded for a purchase of wine that has gone bad, customers must provide proof of purchase. Any returns or exchanges are at the discretion of our Sommelier and the bottles returned must be at least 3/4ths full.

All sales are final for fine or rare wines and spirits.

Q. Do you offer any in-store promotions?
A. Yes! We offer weekly discounts on featured products. We also offer discounts for students and government workers (must show ID). All items offered during tastings are discounted at the time of the tasting, unless otherwise indicated. You can also check our website, app, or social media for discounts on digital purchases. We offer case discounts, as well!

Discounts cannot be combined with other offers and are limited to one per person. Student/government discounts are applicable only to in-store purchases. Discounts are limited to the stock available at the time of purchase. Discounts are limited to bottles of 750ml size, unless otherwise indicated.

Q. Do you offer chilled bottles?
A. Chilling is available for select bottles of white, sparkling, rosé, and select canned wines. For delivery orders requesting chilled wine please give us at least 24 hours notice to ensure wine arrives cold.
Q. Do you carry local products?
A. We proudly carry both wines and spirits produced right here in New York State.
Q. I have a question about my delivery/shipping/pickup order.
A. Please refer to our Delivery Policy here. If you have any further questions, feel free to call us at 212-227-8200.
Q. Are you open on holidays?
A. We are open for every major holiday except Christmas Day.
Q. Can you open a bottle for me?
A. New York state law does not allow us to have unapproved open bottles in the store or during delivery. We do offer reasonably priced corkscrews as well as screw tops on select bottles.
Q. Can I place a gift order for someone else?
A. Yes! Please refer to our Delivery Policy here and read our information on Gift Orders. If you have any additional questions, please call us at 212-227-8200.
Q. Where is my purchase history?
A. On August 1, 2019, we upgraded our website and delivery app to make ordering faster, safer, and easier for you. However, any orders placed through the app prior to that date will not be displayed as they could not be transferred to our new system.

The good news is: we can still look up your order history in the store! If you ever want to know what that perfect bottle was that you ordered “that one time,” just give us a call at: 212-227-8200.

Q. Can I use a discount promo code in the store?
A. Any promotional codes offered for use in our app or website, as well as those offered for third-party services like Drizly, Minibar, etc. are solely intended for use with those services. However, we do offer a number of rotating sales and discounts in-store. Refer to our above FAQ on discounts for more information. If you would like to use a promo code in store you must place a pickup order through our app. 
Q. I'm looking for a specific item you don't carry. Is there a way I can request it?
A. Yes, you can go to our Request Item page here and we'll try our best to get it to you.